What’s New For 2016

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In 2015 Prince William and Kate gave birth to a baby girl, Ireland legalised same-sex marriage and David Cameron won a second term as Prime Minister here in the UK. All the kind of good news stories I enjoy, along with that thing about David Cameron.

For me, 2015 saw my debut novel downloads on Amazon soar to over 60,000, the penalty for which was spending much of my time marketing when I wish I could have been writing. Yet despite all challenges such a task entails, my second book, ‘I Hate That You Bloody Left Me’ is to be released finally – and in e-book only – on 1st April 2016. Hurray!

As with last time, I’d like to share the synopsis here with you first if I may:

‘When three bereaved, silver surfers take a road trip to the beautiful Isle of Islay in Scotland, kidnapping a just retired, world-famous psychic medium was the last thing on their minds. And the first thing they did.’

Perpetual hoarder Fleur Brookes is refusing to play the grieving widow. Estranged from her only daughter, she lives a fine, quiet life in her dusty old cottage on the edge of civilisation with only her cat, Philip, for company. Every day is the same; until one morning she crashes through her living room floor, lands in the cellar and sees her life flash before her. Or it could have been a mobile phone.

Cathy Harper had a life and job she loved before her husband, Bob, died. Now she’s penniless and after a far too extensive period of grieving, heads back to work to find the boss has replaced her. Cathy doesn’t do confrontation; a fact proven by the recent addition of a new lodger she met in a widow’s forum online, whom she took home after finding her in a hole in her living room floor. But she believes in fate, the power of the universe and life after death. Everything will be alright, if she can just get the famous, about-to-retire psychic, Derek Montgomery, to channel Bob for her.

Joanna-Rose Hepple was a successful playwright until her errant life partner, Robert, died in a freak accident. Three years on, she is suffering from writer’s block and living in the shadow of a very unhappy past. When her mother dies too, leaving her all alone in the world, Joanna-Rose is drinking to remember; most of all where the old lady left the whisky. As she allows two new friends into her almost solitary world, she is reminded again of the man she has just learned could be her father; the world-famous psychic medium, Derek Montgomery.

After months of communicating with each other solely through a  Widows Together Facebook page, Joanna-Rose posts a photo of her late partner on the third anniversary of his death with a friend and Derek Montgomery. Cathy realises she has the same photo in amongst her husband’s possessions. At the same time, Fleur recognises the other man in the picture as her late husband, Charlie.

How are the three seemingly random people connected? Were their husband’s friends in a former life? Would the famous psychic have all these answers and more? And is there actually anybody there?

What follows is an uproarious comedy of errors, intertwining an incredible story of love, loss, unlikely friendships and family ties with an exploration of the possibility of an afterlife, between a woman who believes, a woman with many, many doubts and a woman who dances in a sporran to rap music.

As a trio of lonely women transition into a trio of friends, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested and lobsters are liberated.

‘I Hate That You Bloody Left Me’ is an everyday story of friendship, lies… and accidental kidnapping.

So, uncertain yet exciting times ahead. I must leave you now to get on with my next writing project which is already under way, even as I  work on with my fantastic collaborators , Blueprintediting,  Debi Alper and the fabulous book cover designers responsible for the ‘The New Mrs D‘ cover, Design16 for the final preparations before the release of ‘I Hate That You Bloody Left Me’.

To my friends, readers and followers, thanks for all your amazing support last year. May 2016 be your best year yet!

Heather Hill
Mum of five (not the band), I am an author and comedy writer based in Scotland, UK

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